Ghetto Gamer Magazine

What? Magazine? What does that even… what?

That’s how this blog came about. I wanted to create Ghetto Gamer Magazine, an homage to my favorite publication of all time, Nintendo Power.

What could have been and what may yet become…

I spent a few months looking into it and decided – like pretty much every other print magazine – that the cost and effort just weren’t worth it. To earn a profit from a magazine, I would have to charge an absurd amount. You wouldn’t want to pay that much. It wouldn’t work.

So instead, I’m collecting my magazine content right here at for free. You can read it, download it, print it, do whatever you want. The goal is to continue putting these together if the readers like them. If you like them.

If I find that there’s a market and a demand for a print magazine, and the blog keeps gaining visitors, it would be incredible to collect these Ghetto Gamer Magazine features into a regular print magazine to distribute a few times a year.

Our debut feature for Blazing Chrome is not exactly finished…

The first three missions, mapped and in depth.

My Blazing Chrome feature isn’t even really complete, but I’m making it available anyway. You’ll probably find some watermarks and unfixed mistakes. I know. Before this (or any other magazine features) go to print, all that will be fixed and improved.

Think of this and future features as a proof-of-concept, okay? These are far more labor-intensive than regular blog posts. So until I can get a few more subscribers and feel confident I can secure funding, this is all just for fun.

But if you love classic gaming magazines as much as I do, let it be known, and I’ll do my best to keep this type of content coming and improving. And who knows? Maybe we’ll do the magazine yet!

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  1. Awesome. Just an amazing idea. I loved and miss these magazines. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Covers look great! – CardiacDrop

    1. Thanks brother! Your opinion means a lot!

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