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A Big, Fat Thank You

This week marks the end of our first full month online. Here’s what’s next!

Today marks the last day of’s first full four-weeks since I began hacking away at this poor keyboard. In that time, the response and traffic to this little site has exceeded my expectations. But it’s just the beginning, and there is much room for improvement and growth.

Here are a few of the things I’m planning for the upcoming months:

Giveaways – Games & Goodies

That’s right! I’m basically planning to bribe you to come back.

Through various partnerships with hardware distributors and game developers, I’m planning to start giving away gaming accessories, as well as game keys. The first giveaway will probably roll out next week.

If you aren’t subscribed to this blog already, staying informed about our giveaways is probably a good excuse to do so.

GhettoGamer merch

Along with game keys and hardware, we are looking forward to offering GhettoGamer merchandise as giveaway goodies, as well as offering them in our own on-page store.

I’m creating unique shirts that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They’ll feature unique designs with some of your favorite characters and franchises, not just a big GhettoGamer logo. These will be cool.

Coverage: News & Reviews

Should be obvious. But game reviews is something this site has lacked so far. I think it’s important to provide unbiased feedback on all the games we can get our hands on, whether they are old classics, or new indies.

Look forward to increased coverage, especially for big Nintendo titles.

Re: Ghetto Gamer Magazine

The response to the e-zine portion of this site has been quiet. A little too quiet. And given the amount of time and effort it requires to create the magazine features on this site, I’m not sure that it’s sustainable.

However, I do have one fully completed feature, and a few pieces of additional ones that could potentially find their way onto this site.

It’s a shame, really. Maybe if can grow and start generating money, we can put more focus on creating and promoting a retro gaming mag.

Thanks to all the readers!

October is going to be an awesome month, so check back often. Or better yet, subscribe!

If you’re one of our subscribers, or even just a frequent reader: Thank you! It’s your readership and support that gives this site a reason to exist. I want to encourage you to comment on our posts, and tell us what you want to see. We’ll do our best to provide the coverage you want to read and keep the momentum going that we’ve built over the past four weeks.

Here’s to many years of Ghetto Gaming!


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