Madden NFL 22: Is It What We Expected?

Another year, another Madden NFL release promises to change the way we interact with sports games and bring us the latest technological advancements in the gaming world. But did EA deliver that magic considering that they are on a downward trend with their recent NFL games?

Madden 22 was released on August 20 this year and since then millions of fans have been playing this football simulation game. Although we only need to be satisfied with the current-gen console release and yet to see a version of the next-gen consoles, we can say that the game feels great.

Let’s split this review into multiple parts just to get a better idea about all the new stuff and changes that EA made for their latest release.


The biggest change for the Madden NFL 22 is the reworked movement gameplay that they made on the current-gen consoles. The changes are dramatic and have definitely impacted how the game feels. Somehow, EA changed the movement of players and now it looks like you are moving in slow motion.

This can be shocking for fans that are used to faster mechanics from earlier games, but as you play it, you’ll get more used to the changes and appreciate them more.

There are multiple reasons for such a change. First of all, with previous games, you could easily use a defensive player in the middle of the field, especially if they have good speed, and you could essentially run around and cover everyone. However, the new movement doesn’t allow such actions just because it is much harder to run around. Now you couldn’t cover an entire field with one player.

They’ve also fixed an issue where you could run around the offensive lineman if you rushed with an outside linebacker. 

When it comes to the offense, players can no longer use the “stop and go” technique, which wasn’t a big deal, but it still shows that EA has worked their magic into making the gameplay smoother and more realistic.

Ultimate Team

EA has made quite a lot of changes in the Ultimate Team mode and all changes are based on terms of how users progress. Most people don’t like the changes that were released with the new Madden NFL 22 just because it favors players who pay money in order to get great players.

Yes, this is part of the business, but the Madden Ultimate Team should be a leveled-plain competition where players can compete with each other based on their skills. With these changes, “no money spent” users have a rather tough time competing with people who pay some cash for points.

Franchise Mode

This is the second most played mode on every Madden NFL game, so let’s take a look at some of the changes they’ve made. 

Despite EA’s promises and executive producer Seann Graddy’s video statement where he said that they will make an effort to improve the franchise mode, it still feels like the old one with a couple of reworks.

A great step in the right direction with the introduction of Franchise Staff, which includes an offensive and defensive coordinator, as well as player personnel department. The stuff can be progressed through Talent Trees and Staff Points which is new and feels great.

EA also promised big changes to the scouting feature, but we didn’t get that with the release of the game. Some screenshots suggest that the scouting feature will send your team scouts on assignment throughout the country, and you can focus on a specific area or region.

Basically, franchise mode takes us back to the good old days where there was a lot more customization. EA also said that changes to this mode will be added later on in a form of patches, so we will wait and see what they’ve got ready for us. 

For now, keep enjoying playing with the best linebackers in the NFL by TwinSpires, some classic names too, in Madden NFL 22.


The new Madden NFL 22 is a lot better than their last version game, but still not what fans expected. 

With that said, EA made a step in the right direction, and with a little bit of finessing we can reach the ultimate football game that everyone would love. 

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