The Timeless Value of Retro Games

Retro gaming has a very loyal crowd regardless whether the gamer enjoys playing games via consoles, PCs or mobiles. Today’s gaming software gives players the ability to play gems that were created decades ago at very affordable prices.

Some developers sell retro titles of previous generations in bundles, and others sell them individually, but in both cases the purchasing cost is relatively low. If you are a young gamer and you want to explore how gaming was before your time or if you are slightly older and you are feeling nostalgic about how gaming used to be, then all you have to do is to pick the retro title of your preference and to embark on a gaming journey that will take you to a different time.


Retro games will never go out of fashion because they stick to the fundamentals of video games. This does not only apply to console or computer games but also to retro online casino games.

Even though the visual quality of the retros cannot be compared to modern 9th generation games, you still get a lot for the money you pay; hours of fun reaching a goal, finishing a quest or solving a puzzle. Double Dragon and Golden Axe are nowhere near Yakuza Like A Dragon or Dark Souls, but they will still give you the satisfaction you need from playing a game focusing on physical combat.

The retro magic does not stop with action-adventure games from the eighties and with retro slot games. Platinum classics from the nineties and the early 2000s have a much bigger fan base than their remasters or than games which have cost studios loads of money in order to produce.

For example, the original Crash Bandicoot games make the most recent addition to the series look like an amateur attempt to recreate an already amazing game. Even Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is one of the best 8th generation games, has managed to take away all the classic RPG elements players could find in the original. Thus, newer and more modern is not always better.


The Pros and Cons of Remastering Retros

Remastering an older game is not always easy. Functionalities that worked perfectly fifteen years ago do not always adapt perfectly to modern gaming environments. A very recent example is the GTA trilogy remaster for PC, where the multiple bugs made RockStar temporarily withdraw the game.

Most bugs can be fixed relatively easily but it is always the first impression that matters and this is where certain remasters lose their audiences. Just imagine waiting for a chance to replay one of your favourite games for years and ending up with a game that crashes every fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, remastering has its benefits. Developers can adapt the game in order for it to be played on modern screens, they can add special features to enhance the speed of the game and they add elements, which you could only get on cracked versions of the originals. Two very good examples are the Final Fantasy 8 and 9 remasters. There, you can speed up the game so that it can become up to three times faster; you can unlock god-mode enhancers that take away the hassle of dying if you are not careful and you can quickly go over videos that last far too long. 

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