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Since its launch in 2017, Nintendo Switch has remained among the best-selling consoles, selling over 91 million units worldwide. The Switch has given Nintendo new hope in the ongoing battle with giants like Playstation and Xbox, after the poor performance of its predecessor (the Wii U).

The recognition of the Nintendo Switch as a serious console has been long overdue and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. For instance, GameCo surprisingly took a different turn from what’s seen as Nintendo’s traditional fare by releasing three new casino titles for the Switch. The genre is commonly associated with online casinos and mobile gaming, but these titles have proven to be steady sellers for the Switch.

Here are these new casino titles alongside several others for Nintendo Switch players.

Vegas Party

Vegas Party is the first casino-style game released for the Switch in 2018 ago and it remains among the favorites for many fans of this genre. The game is designed as a race taking place on Sin City’s famous strip where the player runs from one end to the other. However, there are threats and opportunities along the way, with 10 exciting mini-games based on casino classics. These games are worth the admission price on their own and they include titles like baccarat, roulette, Texas Hold ’em, and others.

Video Poker at Ace’s Casino

For casino gaming fans looking for more than video poker, you may be disappointed with this title as it only offers you that. However, video poker fans looking for an exciting experience should check out Video Poker at Ace’s, created by the Digital Game Group in 2020.

A single-player game, Video Poker at Ace’s offers three different types of video poker, including Old School, See the Sea and Dem’ Bonez. Each of these games comes with a unique feel and look, allowing you to “switch it up” whenever one of the titles starts to feel a little stale.

Four Kings Casino & Slots

If you like visiting virtual casinos, the Four Kings Casino is all you need. The game was developed by Digital Leisure and it focuses on putting the player in the position of a customized virtual patron in a casino filled with real players.

While you will be using virtual money to wager in the virtual world, the people you’ll see in the casino are being controlled by players from all over the world to ensure you’re never alone. Additionally, the casino’s environment is constantly changing with new items, rewards, and events to help you earn when playing in this virtual world.

While social gambling and in-game rewards are the best things about Four Kings Casino & Slots, there are lots of mini-games on offer. Players can enjoy gambling games like roulette, blackjack, video poker, Texas Hold’em, and slots.

Poker Club

With its release coinciding with the arrival of the Xbox Series X and PS5, Poker Club is among the most immersive poker simulations ever. However, any pro poker players who choose this game will need to be a little patient as the game might have a few glitches, which developers are still patching.

Despite the glitches that affected the game in its first week of release, it offers an extensive array of multiplayer tournaments and single-play versions of the most popular table game in the world. That makes Poker Club worth playing for any poker lover.

Lots of Slots

Lots of Slots is among the few console games that can rival state-of-the-art slot machines found at the world’s leading online casinos. On joining this casino, you’re given 25,000 betting chips to use in 15 different slots.

Initially, you only get two games available for open play, although successful spins help you unlock more games. Fortunately, the game delivers a Vegas-style slot experience with lots of fun.

Roulette at Ace’s Casino

Another visit at the Ace’s Casino, the roulette wheel would be a great place to have fun. The game gives you the chance to enjoy betting on American or European roulette and you can also head to the special Ghost Table to have a little extra fun.

Similar to the Video slots title in this casino, the roulette simulator does everything you ask and the added ghost table gives the game a nice touch. The developers of this game didn’t add any extra choices that most online casinos are offering like lightning bonuses or multiple wheels, but there’s nothing playing roulette at Ace’s casino for Switch players.

Bottom Line

While the Nintendo Switch became a major success due to the popularity of first-party titles like Mario, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda, developers are expanding the market with casino games. These games help to tap into the casino market, which boasts millions of players and fans worldwide. That means the switch will continue rivaling other console giants like PlayStation and Xbox.

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