Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

In the world of Pokémon, a new face lies around every corner, most likely waiting for battle. We all love those cute and cool pocket monsters that we encounter in the wild, but often times, it’s the human characters that leave the most emotional impacts on audiences, so now, we’re counting down the top ten non-playable characters in Pokémon games.  10. Giovanni  The original bad … Continue reading Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

Batman: Arkham Asylum—The Value of Dynamic Settings

Right behind The Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum is my second-favorite Batman experience of all time. Most people will often site the sequel—Arkham City—as the undisputed champion of Batman games, but for me, that title belongs to the first entry in Rocksteady’s esteemed franchise. Critics and fans alike have sung the praises of these games for over a decade now, admiring the smooth combat system and … Continue reading Batman: Arkham Asylum—The Value of Dynamic Settings

Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

My criteria for this list is fairly flexible, as I’m not focusing solely on strength of types. It will play a part in the choices, but strength output and defensive stats are not the only factors—there’s also the impact of design, and overall impact on the world.  For instance: Electric Pokémon are relatively high on a tier list of most effective types, but their placement … Continue reading Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

Top 5 Game Developers of the 1990s

This perennially popular decade will likely go down as the “Good Ole’ Days” of gaming. Whether it featured the greatest amount high-quality games is of course up for debate, but I don’t think anyone can deny that it was the most inventive and seminal era in the industry. There were dozens of studios that stood out amongst their contemporaries, so it was obviously difficult to … Continue reading Top 5 Game Developers of the 1990s

Top 30 Exclusive Playstation Games 1995-2013

When it comes to home-based consoles, Sony’s PlayStation brand holds four of the five best selling platforms of all time. In that span, they’ve built some of the most iconic franchises to date. Today we’re breaking down the top 30 exclusives from their first three consoles. Top Ten PlayStation 1 Exclusives While Sega tried and failed, Sony adequately responded to the Nintendo console monopoly by … Continue reading Top 30 Exclusive Playstation Games 1995-2013