What’s up, nerds!

This site is something I should have put together a long time ago. But time is a difficult monster to hunt, and it eludes us all from time to time.

At the moment, I’m flush with ideas and short on content, so please be patient with this site as I get it filled with great reviews and articles for you to consume. And if you want to help me out by submitting your writing or other content, just drop me a line!

One of the exciting things I hope to add to this site (that other sites don’t offer) is downloadable PDF gaming guides, complete with maps. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to sell print versions of my feature collections in the future. Pending permissions, of course.

I want to build this as a community site, but the bigger the community, the harder it is to manage. And for the moment, it’s just me here. So the community growth will have to be gradual and carefully tended. Plus, it seems that wherever masses of gamers get together, that toxic community vibe starts to rear its ugly head. My goal here is certainly to offer the best content with the least BS so anybody can swing by and get what they need and nothing they don’t. is a simple embryo right now, but here’s hoping we can grow it into a mature site with expanded functionality and lots of great content.

Keep it ghetto, friends!

Longie Long, the Ghetto Gamer

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