Criminally Underrated Roguelikes on PS4

Roguelikes are enjoying a surge in popularity, and it isn’t hard to see why. Instead of leaning heavily on over-the-top visuals, dazzling cutscenes, elaborate plotlines, and complicated mechanics, roguelikes keep it simple and rely solely on the gameplay. You might get a brief tutorial before they launch you into the central gameplay loop, but usually you kick things off and the game unapologetically whips you … Continue reading Criminally Underrated Roguelikes on PS4

10 Underrated Metroidvania Games on PS4

There’s a lot to love about Metroidvania games, from the original Metroid and Castlevania entries to some of the subgenre’s more compelling entries on PS4 and other more recent systems. While there are some that must be mentioned in every Metroidvania conversation, there are quite a few that offer a totally engaging and immersive experience that are always conveniently forgotten when the genre is discussed. … Continue reading 10 Underrated Metroidvania Games on PS4

Most Underrated Soulslike Games

Who knew that the unassuming 2008 title Demon’s Souls would wind up innovating an entirely new subgenre of games? Let’s face it– modern games are getting easier and easier. Players are rewarded constantly for simply walking the character to a map marker and mashing one attack button. Combined with frequent checkpoints that totally negate all risk of failure, modern games are often just a flashy … Continue reading Most Underrated Soulslike Games