35 Best-Selling NES Games

In the U.S., the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) absolutely revolutionized video gaming. Atari’s boom and bust had left the industry scrambling and Nintendo was a bit scared to come blazing into the west. Distributors were nervous as well, and some of them flat out refused to sell video games. But the folks at Nintendo were determined to put something on store shelves, especially given the … Continue reading 35 Best-Selling NES Games

PS2 Prices have settled

Has the Playstation 2 Pricing Bubble Finally Popped?

After a wild, wild summer, Playstation 2 game prices are finally kinda sorta starting to stabilize. The market will never be the same, but generally speaking, Playstation 2 Prices have Finished Exploding and the PS2 bubble seems to have popped. The COVID-19 quarantine has had a profound impact on game prices. Titles for aging systems like Gamecube, Wii and of course Playstation 2 have seen major … Continue reading Has the Playstation 2 Pricing Bubble Finally Popped?

The 35 Hardest NES Games of All Time

Get ready to rip out your hair and throw some controllers, these are the toughest, difficult, ridiculous and absolute hardest NES games of all time! And that’s saying a lot, because the hardest games on the NES are some of the hardest-ever video games. Period. It’s really cute to hear younger gamers (younger than me, at least) talk about how difficult Dark Souls is. You die … Continue reading The 35 Hardest NES Games of All Time

A pile of retro video games

Best Places to buy Retro Games Online

What’s the best place to buy retro games online? Frankly, eBay tends to be the least expensive and have the widest selection. But because it is mostly unregulated, there are a few factors beyond pricing you should keep in mind. Counterfeiting, quality issues, and straight-up scamming can happen sometimes. We’ll cover everything you need to know in this short article. New to Collecting Retro Games? … Continue reading Best Places to buy Retro Games Online