Ghetto Goods

White ghetto gamer joker shirt

Treat yourself to the perfect hoodwear. The clothes and accessories here are guaranteed to make you the most popular gamer on your block.

Dark Alley Gamer – Shirts & Stickers

White ghetto gamer joker shirt
Looking to score?

You never know what kind of Jokesters you’ll encounter in the dark alleys. This shirt is available in multiple colors. We’ve got stickers, too. Get it at Teespring.

Super Mega Cool – Shirts & Stickers

Ghetto Gamer stickers
Stickers in 2 styles

The first character shirt offered at Ghetto Gamer features a Mega Cool Man enjoying a smoke after kicking so many robo-butts.

We at Ghetto Gamer do not condone the use of tobacco, but this character is a robot and therefore can’t get cancer.

Be on the lookout for more character products to appear here in the ghetto bodega.

Ghetto Gamer Logo Stickers and Shirts

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