Retro Video Games that Featured Casino

Before 1994, casino goers couldn’t try their luck at chance-based games from the comfort of their own homes to win real money. They had no choice except to play electronic games that replicated casino action. Most games from that era are primitive and challenging to look at by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable to play. We’ve compiled a collection of masterpieces … Continue reading Retro Video Games that Featured Casino

Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon Games

Being born in the ’90s meant I was there to experience the Pokémon phenomenon as it happened in real-time: I saw Pokémon The First Movie in the cinema, watched the anime series every day, collected the toys, collected the cards, and of course, played the games. 23 years later, I’ve still been keeping up with the franchise, even at times when the popularity seemed to … Continue reading Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon Games

Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

In the world of Pokémon, a new face lies around every corner, most likely waiting for battle. We all love those cute and cool pocket monsters that we encounter in the wild, but often times, it’s the human characters that leave the most emotional impacts on audiences, so now, we’re counting down the top ten non-playable characters in Pokémon games.  10. Giovanni  The original bad … Continue reading Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

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The Best 15 Underrated SNES Games

The SNES game library is brimming with great games. As I mentioned in my article about underrated SNES RPGs, some very good games got lumped in with low-quality games because of the sheer number of amazing choices we had on the system.  That’s why I’ve decided to comb through some SNES titles that either flew under the radar or simply didn’t get the love they … Continue reading The Best 15 Underrated SNES Games

The 15 Best PS1 Games Under $20 in 2022

PlayStation (PS1) game prices are beginning to get a little weird. The pandemic, renewed interest from collectors, and growing scarcity have all impacted PS1 game prices. CIB and New games can cost thousands of dollars for one title.  We’ve shown you how wacky prices have gotten for PS2 games and PS3 games in recent years, even though those prices have leveled out for the time … Continue reading The 15 Best PS1 Games Under $20 in 2022

Underrated PlayStation Games

15 Most Underrated PlayStation Games (PS1)

The PlayStation (PSX or PS1) was home to a whole load of amazing games. The system is arguably the best console for RPGs and helped revolutionize sports and shooter games. With such an influx of overwhelmingly great PS1 RPGs and other games, it’s only natural that a few would slip through the cracks.  Whether the games were too outlandish for their time or were released … Continue reading 15 Most Underrated PlayStation Games (PS1)

The Best NES Games Under $8, $10, and $12

The NES is probably my favorite console ever. Yes, the Super Nintendo is technologically superior and has a ton of really really great games. And the best SNES games are arguably better than the best NES games, but you just can’t beat the NES for pure nostalgic greatness. There’s the added benefit that the original Nintendo Entertainment System has about the same number of games … Continue reading The Best NES Games Under $8, $10, and $12

17 Best MMORPGS That Aren’t World of Warcraft (Updated for 2022)

Are you trying to find a new MMORPG in which to invest your time while avoiding the absolute mess that is World of Warcraft? Yeah, me too. Even though I feel the pull to the dark side again and again, I have to recognize that Activision Blizzard is going through some stuff right now and World of Warcraft might not be in the best shape for a little … Continue reading 17 Best MMORPGS That Aren’t World of Warcraft (Updated for 2022)

16 Underrated NES Games

The Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most successful and most enduring video game consoles ever invented. Following the North American console crash, the NES emerged not only as the dominating force in home gaming, but as a pop culture icon so ubiquitous as to be almost unmatched in its ubiquitatious ubiquitosity! Mario, Metroid, Zelda and Kirby have all become mainstays of this legendary … Continue reading 16 Underrated NES Games

The NES had Some Pretty Good Shmups

Despite hardware limitations, the NES was a haven for some fantastic scrolling shoot-em-ups. For its time and even by today’s standards, the NES is one of the most versatile game consoles ever created. For the most part, action/adventure platformers were the meat and potatoes of the NES library, but there was no shortage of RPGs, top-down adventures, run & guns, a crap-ton of arcade ports … Continue reading The NES had Some Pretty Good Shmups