Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

My criteria for this list is fairly flexible, as I’m not focusing solely on strength of types. It will play a part in the choices, but strength output and defensive stats are not the only factors—there’s also the impact of design, and overall impact on the world.  For instance: Electric Pokémon are relatively high on a tier list of most effective types, but their placement … Continue reading Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

Indie Gaming Hidden Gems You’ve Got to Play

It seems like every day a new game drops on the market. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly for hardcore gamers like yourself. But sometimes the variety of games can feel overwhelming, even more so if you play on multiple platforms. Indie games especially seem to get lost in the shuffle. Trying to find a good indie game can feel like searching for buried … Continue reading Indie Gaming Hidden Gems You’ve Got to Play

35 Best-Selling NES Games

In the U.S., the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) absolutely revolutionized video gaming. Atari’s boom and bust had left the industry scrambling and Nintendo was a bit scared to come blazing into the west. Distributors were nervous as well, and some of them flat out refused to sell video games. But the folks at Nintendo were determined to put something on store shelves, especially given the … Continue reading 35 Best-Selling NES Games