The 15 Best PS1 Games Under $20 in 2022

PlayStation (PS1) game prices are beginning to get a little weird. The pandemic, renewed interest from collectors, and growing scarcity have all impacted PS1 game prices. CIB and New games can cost thousands of dollars for one title.  We’ve shown you how wacky prices have gotten for PS2 games and PS3 games in recent years, even though those prices have leveled out for the time … Continue reading The 15 Best PS1 Games Under $20 in 2022

The Best NES Games Under $8, $10, and $12

The NES is probably my favorite console ever. Yes, the Super Nintendo is technologically superior and has a ton of really really great games. And the best SNES games are arguably better than the best NES games, but you just can’t beat the NES for pure nostalgic greatness. There’s the added benefit that the original Nintendo Entertainment System has about the same number of games … Continue reading The Best NES Games Under $8, $10, and $12

16 Underrated NES Games

The Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most successful and most enduring video game consoles ever invented. Following the North American console crash, the NES emerged not only as the dominating force in home gaming, but as a pop culture icon so ubiquitous as to be almost unmatched in its ubiquitatious ubiquitosity! Mario, Metroid, Zelda and Kirby have all become mainstays of this legendary … Continue reading 16 Underrated NES Games

The NES had Some Pretty Good Shmups

Despite hardware limitations, the NES was a haven for some fantastic scrolling shoot-em-ups. For its time and even by today’s standards, the NES is one of the most versatile game consoles ever created. For the most part, action/adventure platformers were the meat and potatoes of the NES library, but there was no shortage of RPGs, top-down adventures, run & guns, a crap-ton of arcade ports … Continue reading The NES had Some Pretty Good Shmups

Story Time: Here’s the Real Reason Retro Games are So Hard to Beat

C’mon in, young’uns. Have a seat; settle in. I’ve got a yarn to weave and someone with your interests ought to find it fairly interesting. It all begins long ago, when I was just a wee little gamer, all dewy-eyed and full of wonder. A little bit like you used to be, before you heard the Call of Duty and spent too many Fortnites Crafting … Continue reading Story Time: Here’s the Real Reason Retro Games are So Hard to Beat

The Best 25 NES RPGs

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was an incredibly important system for role-playing games. Although the Atari 2600 was critical to bringing games into our homes, the NES was better equipped to handle RPGs. The NES had the hardware to allow ports of RPGs that were previously limited to PCs and also introduced several famous game series that were native to the system. So, which NES … Continue reading The Best 25 NES RPGs

35 Best-Selling NES Games

In the U.S., the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) absolutely revolutionized video gaming. Atari’s boom and bust had left the industry scrambling and Nintendo was a bit scared to come blazing into the west. Distributors were nervous as well, and some of them flat out refused to sell video games. But the folks at Nintendo were determined to put something on store shelves, especially given the … Continue reading 35 Best-Selling NES Games