Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon Games

Being born in the ’90s meant I was there to experience the Pokémon phenomenon as it happened in real-time: I saw Pokémon The First Movie in the cinema, watched the anime series every day, collected the toys, collected the cards, and of course, played the games. 23 years later, I’ve still been keeping up with the franchise, even at times when the popularity seemed to … Continue reading Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon Games

Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

In the world of Pokémon, a new face lies around every corner, most likely waiting for battle. We all love those cute and cool pocket monsters that we encounter in the wild, but often times, it’s the human characters that leave the most emotional impacts on audiences, so now, we’re counting down the top ten non-playable characters in Pokémon games.  10. Giovanni  The original bad … Continue reading Top Ten Pokémon NPCs 

The 25 Best RPGs of All Time

Role-playing games are an amazing genre of video games. They give players a rich story, a world in which they can make a difference, and a way to improve their character to better handle the challenges the game throws their way.  RPGs are definitely my favorite type of video games, and I have written about them quite a bit. Seriously, take a look at some … Continue reading The 25 Best RPGs of All Time

Game Boy Game Prices Are Through the Roof (And Trending Higher)

The average cost of Game Boy games has been steadily rising for years. If you look at the overall price growth, which has doubled within the last five years, then it should be pretty clear Game Boy game prices are following the trend of increasing retro video game prices. Retro video games on systems like the N64 and Sega Dreamcast are going a little crazy … Continue reading Game Boy Game Prices Are Through the Roof (And Trending Higher)

Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

My criteria for this list is fairly flexible, as I’m not focusing solely on strength of types. It will play a part in the choices, but strength output and defensive stats are not the only factors—there’s also the impact of design, and overall impact on the world.  For instance: Electric Pokémon are relatively high on a tier list of most effective types, but their placement … Continue reading Massively Underrated Pokémon Types