15 SNES Games That Still Hold Up Today

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) came out at just the right time to take advantage of the burgeoning acceptance of home consoles and video games as a whole. As a result, video game developers took chances, expanded the types of video games they released, and provided the SNES with an incredible library of games.  Although the SNES boasted some of the most memorable video … Continue reading 15 SNES Games That Still Hold Up Today

Hotel Mario is Actually Good

Those that know Hotel Mario were probably introduced to it from the bizarre cutscenes that play throughout the game. These cutscenes are pretty infamous and have been floating around YouTube for quite some time. Hotel Mario has a lot more to it than weird cutscenes though. Its actually a really unique puzzle platformer. Before we get started, how did this game even come about? A … Continue reading Hotel Mario is Actually Good