My Most Wanted Games – Nintendo Switch 2019

The much-hyped Astral Chain is one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch 2019. Tons of people are talking and excited about it. But I probably won’t get it. Why? Well, because I’m the Ghetto Gamer and brand-new first-party Nintendo titles are mostly beyond my wallet’s meager reach.

Astral Chain looks rather dope, I must say. But you know… $$$

But that doesn’t stop me from being excited. And it certainly doesn’t stop you from emptying your pockets to load up on the most anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch 2019. Or what’s left of it.

Link’s Awakening
(My favorite Nintendo Switch 2019 pick. Yours too, probably.)

Coming September 20 – Hope you got yours preordered.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is unique on this list because I do definitely plan to pick it up. The others are optional, but this is one I won’t miss. Why am I excited enough to cough up the $60?

For starters, this is one of the best Zelda games ever made in mine and a lot of other gamers’ opinions.

Like a lot of gamers from my generation, I had this game for the Game Boy when it was new, and I remember many long road trips where Link’s Awakening was my lifeline. And that was playing on that old green-on-green OG GameBoy screen, leaning into the sun or (God help me) the street lights so I could actually see what was happening.

So yes, the nostalgia is a big factor that makes this one to throw money at. One of the very few games I intend to pay MSRP for this Nintendo Switch 2019 season. It’s a true follow-up to A Link to the Past (my all-time favorite video game) and I can’t wait to see it in full, beautiful color and with Nintendo’s alway-exquisite art direction.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Nov 15

Gotta Catch some not all

I have similar GameBoy memories of playing Pokemon: Yellow Pikachu Edition. But by then I had a full-blown GameBoy Color. Still no backlight though.

I love me a good map. If only they’d print it, fold it, and cram it into the game box.

I’ve played a handful of other Pokemon games in the meantime, but they all feel like more of the same. The graphics keep improving, but the gameplay never has. Pokemon: Sword and Shield don’t seem to have changed the gameplay in any meaningful way either, but the graphical improvements are really substantial. It’s the first Pokemon game on a “home console” (if Nintendo Switch [2019!] can be considered a home console). And the introduction of some new regions seems mildly interesting.

Fans already know that this pair of games won’t feature all 800-something of the existing Pokemon species. And a lot of them are falling to pieces over it. But for me, it’s a bit of a relief. Now I’m not obligated to Catch ‘em all. Which works much better for my busy lifestyle.

DOOM Eternal – Nov 22

It’s actually PC game. Sorry, console peasants.

Switch players will suffer a very slow (30 frames per second) death.

I hesitate to consider this a Nintendo Switch 2019 game at all. I won’t buy it for the Switch. To me, this and every DOOM game is a PC release and every other console is lucky we PC gamers allow them to be ported. I’ll be running DOOM Eternal at a considerably higher framerate on my PC.

Still, the idea of playing DOOM on the go is intriguing. And regardless of my own opinions, many Switch and DOOM fans will be over the moon. And down into Hell!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Oct 31

I’ll have my revenge.

Luigi’s Mansion has been one of the most fun new(ish) series to come from Nintendo. It’s a fresh and cute take on the survival horror genre. It’s just spooky enough to make you go “aw!”

My four-year-old son loved watching me play Dark Moon. He also loved deleting my saved data which had me about halfway through the game. I didn’t restart. I was too mad. But with Luigi’s Mansion 3, I’ll have my revenge, right?

Some interesting new mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and dat Nintendo quality make Luigi’s Mansion 3 another of my personal must-have games for Nintendo Switch 2019.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair – Oct ??

Hot take: 2D is better than 3.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair looks absolutely amazing. This is a new take on the series, opting for a side-scrolling, platformer style (a la Donkey Kong Country) instead of the third-person (Banjo Kazooie) style. I’m personally very excited for this change. But I’m an absolute sucker for side-scrolling platformers. To me, it’s the perfect gaming genre and I’m definitely excited for this release.

Excited yet?

What games are you most excited about? Don’t tell me. Panzer Dragoon, Dragon Quest XI, Demon X Machina? Well, you’ve got good taste and you should comment here. Or better yet, write up your own article or reviews and send them to me here at the Ghetto Gamer.

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