Secret of Mana composer has a new 16-bit album that might blow your mind.

Secret of Mana title screen

Hiroki Kikuta, the iconic composer behind Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, Soul Calibur V, Shining Blade, and many other games, quietly released a 16-bit epic called The Unbreakable Unity: Memory of Nostalgic S-NES Sound on Bandcamp.

The Unbreakable Unity by Hiroki Kikuta

This “album” consists of one epic track, clocking in at just under 40 minutes and will instantly transport you back in time to battle a forest full of rabites and mushbooms.

According to Kikuta, the distinctive sound he achieved on his SNES soundtracks was due in large part to the hardware limitations he faced. Out of gratitude to his fans, he returned to face those same limitations and has created a song that perfectly embodies the SNES sound

Kikuta says, “I recently found anew that the SNES sound is extremely important for people who played RPGs in the ’90s. Many become happy when they hear this good old SNES sound. I enjoy it, too! So I decided to create new SNES music that is fresh, yet nostalgic.”

The Unbreakable Unity might blow your mind in how perfectly it recaptures the nostalgia of SNES RPGs: that perfectly ’90s feel. Don’t expect anything quite on par with Secret of Mana’s greatest tracks. This song feels much more like a forest overworld theme. It’s a nice nostalgic groove, but it probably won’t give you goosebumps like that opening SoM sequence.

The greater implication, in my opinion, is what this might mean for Hiroki Kikuta’s upcoming releases. A musical return to the world of Mana would be incredible. My fingers are crossed.

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