Retro Review – Super Mario World, SNES

Super Mario World overworld map

Released in 1990 in Japan, Super Mario World was a launch title for the Super NES. Just this month,after being announced in the Nintendo Direct (September, 2019), it was released along with 19 other titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online. I know what you’re thinking… catchy title.

Super Mario World mesmerized me from the moment I played it in 1992 (Europe). With its bright visuals, catchy music and great gameplay, it was everything I didn’t even know I wanted from a Mario game.

This game encompasses Super Mario Bros 3 concept of choosing a path, and improves on it. For the first time in a Mario game, you can go back to previous levels and replay them (great for stocking up on power ups for the later levels).

Coming from Mario Bros 3, the game does lack in the power up department. After the eight power ups in its predecessor, I was intrigued to see what the new game would bring. We were greeted with a very respectable five this time around. Also with Yoshi, you get extra abilities by eating different coloured shells which is almost like having multiple new power ups in itself.

Super Mario World – Fun Facts

  • You can go back and play any level you’ve already beaten. Nothing new there, but did you know that you can also replay castles after destroying them? Just go back to the castle and press L + R simultaneously. Voila!
Little Mario and Yoshi
Those orange “stirrups” are Yoshi’s little arms.
  • Like many others, I always believed Yoshi was wearing a saddle on his back, and the orange shape was the stirrups. However, the “saddle” is actually a shell, as confirmed by Tasooka who designed Yoshi from Miamotyos drawing. And the orange “stirrups”? Those are Yoshi’s arms!
  • Ever wonder why we never got Super Mario Bros 4? Well, it turns out that was the intended name for Super Mario World. It did remain this way for the Japenese region.
Japanese box art for "Super Mario Bros. 4"
Japanese box art for “Super Mario Bros. 4”

Despite the game having 96 exits, speedrunners have found a path so the game can be completed in just 12 stages and under 10 minutes. Or, by using another glitch known as credits warp, it can be completed in less than 5.

My verdict – 9/10

Visuals look sharp, plays in full speed without any lag and I got lost for hours replaying it again for the 100th time. 96 exits across various worlds, brand new power up, new enemies, secrets, multiple paths and a companion in our green friend Yoshi, there is plenty to keep you coming back for more.

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