Top 3 Luigi’s Mansion Ghosts

When the Nintendo Gamecube launched in 2001 in North America, there was a surprising lack of Mario in the launch game lineup. Of the twelve games that launched with the system, there was only one with a recognizable Nintendo mascot, Luigi’s Mansion.

The game sees our green-wearing plumber brother as he goes to claim the grand prize for a contest he has won, a brand new mansion. Unfortunately, Luigi quickly finds out that the mansion is haunted; its many rooms occupied by a variety of personable ghosts. To make matters worse, his brother Mario is somewhere inside the mansion, trapped and awaiting rescue.

Luigi’s Mansion has gone on to spawn a handful of other games, including a remake of the original game on the Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch. Many Nintendo Gamecube fans have fond memories of defeating the various ghosts inside Luigi’s mansion, so we’ve created a list of our very favorites. In no particular order, these are our top three favorite ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion.

3 – Spooky the Hungry Guard Dog

You’ll encounter this lovable canine specter after defeating a dozen or so other ghosts. Resting in the garden, Spooky doesn’t really give Luigi too much of a headache. Unlike other ghosts, Spooky is just fine resting in his dog house, enjoying the afterlife to the best of his ability. In order to capture Spooky and continue the game, you’ll simply need to defeat a nearby skeleton ghost. This provides Spooky with a tasty ghost bone to enjoy, distracting him long enough to get sucked up into your Poltergust 3000.

2 – Sue Pea, the Dozing Girl

Sue Pea is one of Luigi’s Mansion‘s more creepy ghosts, manifesting as a young girl who died in her sleep. You’re not required to defeat Sue Pea in order to finish the game, but capturing this haunting spirit will reward Luigi with some bonus loot. Despite being a tiny girl, Sue Pea puts up quite the fight, battling against Luigi as she hangs upside down from a bed on the ceiling.

1 – Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist

Vincent Van Gore is one of the final ghosts you’ll encounter during your spooky night inside the mansion. Apart from the “portrait ghosts” who occupy the various rooms of the mansion, there are a handful of fodder ghosts you’ll have to battle along the way.

It turns out that Vincent Van Gore is the source of these ghosts, as anything he paints on his canvas comes to life. In order to defeat Van Gore, you’ll have to fight against waves of every type of ghost you’ve encountered so far. It’s a pretty intense battle with a great narrative twist.

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