Pull-N-Go Switch Case Review

PDP Gaming was kind enough to send a Pull-N-Go Switch Case review sample. Let’s check it out.

PDP Gaming has taken an interesting approach to Switch storage with their new case. I’ve never seen anything like it. So of course I jumped at the chance to write a Pull-N-Go Switch Case review.

Pull-N-Go Switch Case review for Nintendo Switch
Looks cool.

How does it work?

At first glance, the Pull-N-Go Case resembles a soft-sided lunchbox. It’s not very big, but is the perfect size to snugly pack all of your Switch stuff. According to the packaging, the Pull-N-Go can accommodate

  • Switch console with Joy-Cons attached
  • Dock
  • HDMI and power cables
  • Power bank
  • 6 game cards
  • 1 pro controller
  • Earbuds

Everything you need to pack your Switch for a weekend at the in-laws for the holidays. There’s even room left in there for your anxiety meds.

Pull-N-Go Switch case review
*Not a photographer.

The Pull-N-Go’s modular design is what really sets it apart from other cases. The case is really two cases, fastened together with hook-and-loop fastener. (Yes, I mean Velcro, but Velcro is actually a brand name so…) 

The lower, bigger case section is where your big-screen accessories go: the dock, pro controller and cables. The upper module is a typical portable Switch case where the console is secured along with your Switch game cards and ear buds. The only difference between the top piece of the Pull-N-Go and a regular Switch case is that the entire back of it is covered with the soft side of hook-and-loop fastener.

Pull-N-Go Switch Case, detached
It’s called “hook-and-loop fastener.” And that’s what I will call it.

In my opinion, that makes for a less-attractive appearance than PDP’s other cases, but the novelty of having it stick right on the top of the case contraption might make up for it. It also means that the top of the bigger section of the case is covered with the rough side of the fastener. When the two pieces are pulled apart, the noise is incredibly loud. RRRRRIIIIP!

So that’s the gimmick. It’s certainly not the best Nintendo Switch case, but it’s probably the smartest. And there’s nothing else like it. The convenience of carrying all of my Switch stuff to my hotel, or to my parents house, then ripping off the top of the case to carry elsewhere, is certainly nice.

Pull-N-Go Switch case partitions
These fasten to the inside of the case, however you decide to fit them.

The inside of the lower case is completely modular. PDP packed in some soft partitions that hook-and-loop themselves to the inside of the case in any arrangement you desire. Higher-end camera cases work the same way, if you’re familiar with those. This allows you to rearrange your compartments to store different items you bring along. Including those meds we talked about.

How does it look?

Pull n go Switch case review
Toddler for scale. I should have handed him a banana.

The Pull-N-Go Switch Case is part of PDP’s Elite line. If you saw my Switch Elite backpack review a while ago, you’ll notice the style is the same. By the way, I’ve been carrying that backpack to work every day for over three months now and it’s holding up brilliantly. I love it.

Nintendo Switch pull n go case review
All packed up.

Anyway, the Pull-N-Go has a tough fabric shell. Like a tight-knitted canvas, in a grown-up gray color with black faux-leather accents. The stiching around the zippers, along with the zipper tabs and rubber carrying handle, are a deep reddish-orange. It looks very good!

Is it sturdy?

Yes! I don’t advocate for PDP just ‘cause they send me review samples, you know. They make great products, and the Pull-N-Go Case is no exception. 

Pull n go Switch case review, close up
Metal hardware. Very nice.

The fabric is tough with quality stitching all around. Where the handles are attached, PDP chose to use black metal (instead of plastic) fasteners to hold everything together. I mentioned I have Switch Elite backpack by PDP, which is made of the same material, and I absolutely abuse that thing. Despite that, I have seen absolutely no fraying in the stitching, no tearing or wearing of the fabric. The materials are high quality and built to last.

pull n go case
More metal.

Pull-N-Go Switch Case Review Results (The Verdict)

Overall, the Pull-N-Go Switch Case is a great solution if you like to take your Switch on the go. Particularly if you plan to bring it to a hotel or to a friend or relative’s house where you’ll want to ditch the dock and carry the console elsewhere.

Once the top case is rrrripped from the bottom case, the Velcro side of the case looks a bit strange and fuzzy. But the novelty is real. And it’s a quality case that will definitely get the job done.

Ghetto Approved.

If you decide to purchase the Switch Pull-N-Go case, consider using my affiliate link to order on eBay. It helps out the site, and I could really use a shiny new WordPress plugin.

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  3. Hello, nice Review! would there fit two pro controllers along with the docking station plus equipment? 🙂

    1. Possibly. It would be a tight fit, though.

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