Top 5 Underrated Legend of Zelda Bosses

A few of our favorite oddball bosses in Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda franchise is known for its unique, over-the-top enemies and characters.

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There are clear fan-favorite enemies, such as many of the different iterations of the main antagonist Ganon, but what about the underdogs? We decided to show some love to a handful of Zelda bosses that have ended up swept under the rug in the face of the more popular fiends. 

This list’s criteria is going to be slightly different from the norm:

  • There will be no significant antagonists.( I.e., Ganon, or Hilda.)
  • The designs must be unique and only lightly reused in other Zelda games.

 5. Stalblind

Legend of Zelda Bosses - Stalblind

Stalblind, from A Link Between Worlds, is a beautiful combination of a Stalfos and Blind the Thief from A Link to the Past. He is a delightful boss to conquer as he uses the game’s perspective switching mechanics to hide against his shield. This fight was charming and challenging in all the right ways.

4. Façade (Link’s Awakening)

Legend of Zelda Bosses - Facade

Façade, or Mat Face in the Japanese release of the game, must be the most terrifying enemy in Link’s Awakening. He is unique and very different from the rest of the bosses in the game as most of them are cute, round, and blob-like. The only way to defeat this fiend is to use your handy bombs while Façade throws tiles and pots at you.

3. Odolwa

Legend of Zelda Bosses - Odolwa

Odolwa is an extremely memorable boss to fight in the cult classic game Majora’s Mask. He’d make even the most skilled players a bit nervous about the ensuing fight. He is a masked man of an unnamed tribe with various tattoos and markings across his body. The environment implies that this temple is his mortal form’s final resting place. 

2. Helmasaur King

Legend of Zelda Bosses - Helmasaur King

I am a huge fan of reptiles of all kinds so of course, I had to include this giant scaled nightmare from A Link to the Past.

The Helmasaur King is a formidable foe that packs a punch. As the name suggests, this overgrown lizard wears a protective helmet that must be taken care of before any of the real fun begins.

1. Bongo Bongo

Legend of Zelda Bosses - Bongo Bongo

Bongo Bongo has one of the most harrowing battles in Ocarina of Time.  He is massive, mysterious, and seriously wicked looking. His body disappears into the void above you topped with his one great glowing eye that is always watching, while his massive disembodied hands wail down on you without mercy. This shadow beast isn’t messing around. He’s got a litany of attacks that use either one or both of his hands

Who are your favorite Legend of Zelda bosses? Did they make the list? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Underrated Legend of Zelda Bosses

  1. One of my favorites is Goht the Snowhead Temple boss in Majora’s Mask. I always enjoyed racing around the circular area as a Goron and spike-ramming him 😁

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