Brass Town Wrestling – A wrestling RPG inspired by Harvest Moon? (Not a typo)

Freshman developer Empty Teapot has created the weirdest mashup you’ve never played.

Indie games come and go, and especially those made with RPG Maker. But Empty Teapot’s Brass Town Wrestling actually manages to stand out. Empty Teapot shows real potential as a developer, having created a true small-scale open world in the style of Harvest Moon.

Players will create their wrestler gimmick, develop and master their moves, hone their skills against the game’s 30+ wrestlers, build or destroy relationships with NPCs in order to become a heroic face or a dastardly heel depending on their interactions.

A tiny sampling of Brass Town’s many wrestlers.

Brass Town Wrestling is ambitious and well made, with an impressively deep world and tons of features. Wrestling fans ought to love it. I’ll be keeping an eye on this developer.

Brass Town Wrestling is available now on Steam.

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  1. Anthony Richarme says:

    They should put this on Nintendo Switch !!

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