The Pale City – Indie Game Preview

Indie developer Kyle Muntz is putting together a disturbing RPG

The Pale City is coming March 20, 2020 to Steam. Muntz describes it as a dark fantasy RPG that emphasizes characterization and atmosphere.

“The otherworldly exploration of Planescape Torment meets the focused characterization of the Witcher, re-imagined as a deeply nontraditional JRPG.”

Explore a city of cannibalistic cults, cruel magic, vicious intrigue, and apathetic gods. Every NPC has a unique personality. Every object shows something important about the world. The dev promises to reward players for close observation and careful use of skills. And–oh yeah–there’s no grinding. Every battle is meaningful.

Sounds pretty ambitious and the aesthetic definitely has a nostalgic vibe. Put this one on your radar.

You can lean more at or on the Steam page.

Written by Steven Long

Steven is a professional marketing writer, author, and hopelessly ghetto gamer. He also owns this site, so you'd better just chill.


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