Snakeybus for Nintendo Switch splash page

Snakeybus crashes into Nintendo Switch April 2

Imagine the deranged lovechild Crazy Taxi and Snake. That’s Snakeybus for Nintendo Switch.

Snakeybus has been on Steam for a while now, but indie game publisher Digerati is bringing it to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and XBox.

The goal of the game is to pick up as many passengers as possible in your bus. When your bus is full, you automagically grow another bus on the butt of your current bus. It’s like a Human Centipede of buses!

The premise is simple. Almost dumbly simple. But it’s a fresh take on a classic formula and developer Stovetop Studios plays the concept out to its bitter and completely unhinged conclusion.

Snakeybus on Switch - through an ice cavern

Playing this on Steam, I would lose hours of my life. And every time I eventually crashed, I was ready for “just one more game.”

Snakeybus on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch - Snakeybus in the suburbs

With online leaderboards, you can compare your progress with the rest of the world. As of launch, Snakeybus will offer 11 different maps including real-life locations like Paris and Miami, as well as some more exotic places like a dorm room and…erm…non-Euclidian space.

Play to unlock additional buses as well, including a party bus and the classic yellow school bus.

Snakeybus on Switch, PS4 and Xbox - Snakeybus in Paris

Top the whole experience off with a “chilled, lo-fi soundtrack” and multiple game modes (endless, aerial, leaderboard, and so on) and you’ve got yourself a truly addictive mix of properties in a tidy package.

Clear your calendar for the April console release of Snakeybus.

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