Review: PDP Gaming’s LVL50 Wired Headset for PS4

We got the chance to check out PDP Gaming’s new LVL50 Headset for PS4. Here’s how it went.

Streaming video games can be an intimidating ordeal. So many things run through the inexperienced streamer before they get started:

  • Which game do I play?
  • Do I have the capture equipment/program set up correctly?
  • Can my computer even broadcast gameplay without lagging?
  • How long should I go for?

These are all great questions, but one of the most important questions that is often overlooked is, how does my microphone sound? Being a rookie streamer myself, I always worry that my sound quality isn’t top notch and up to snuff.

I currently use a USB Logitech microphone (honestly, I think it’s from the Rock Band game) and it works, but it isn’t the best in terms of sound quality. Add to the fact that I need to remember to use ear buds while streaming or else the microphone picks up audio from my speakers. I need an all-encompassing headset that answers the mail with everything I need.

Enter the PDP Gaming LVL50 wired headset, a headset that combines an amazing audio experience with a quality microphone.


First Impressions

The LVL50 wired gaming headset is available in a couple of colors, predominantly black camo and slate grey. The color within the ear cups is also a different color based on which system you purchased it for.

The Playstation headset sports a vibrant blue inside the ear cups whereas the Xbox headset has a bright green. I also noticed that there is a headset for the Nintendo Switch that sport the red and blue Joy Con colors and I have to say, those are really neat looking. But, those are the LVL40 wired headset so let’s get back to the LVL50.

Open Box

PDP does a great job packaging up their products.

The headset arrived in a bright blue box that featured the Playstation logo and controller symbols. The headset itself was packed within a very sturdy cardboard tray. I feel like most companies would opt for flimsy plastic trays, so I was both surprised and happy to see that PDP took extra steps to ensure their product arrived both safe and secured.

The headset was carefully wrapped with a plastic sheet (not featured in the picture), to help prevent chafing during shipment and keep that camo looking bright and vibrant. The microphone was also wrapped to protect the pop filter. Given how packages are often handled during transit, it’s impressive to see PDP take the time to carefully package their headset.

This headset features an audio jack, as opposed to a USB, so it can be used across multiple platforms. I’ve used them on several different electronics (PS4, cell phone, laptop) and it works great on all of these. It’s actually a great feature as it leads to more usability for this headset as it can be used for more than just the PS4.


You can’t go wrong with either of the color schemes PDP offers for their headsets. The slate grey looks nice and, as I mentioned above, the LVL40 Nintendo Switch headset really matches the look and feel of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Cons and looks amazing.


The Black Camo color scheme is definitely my favorite of the two Playstation headsets. The blue inside of the ear cup stands out and provides a nice contrast to the darker color of the headset themselves. There’s also a blue wire that stretches when you adjust the headset as well. Again, the blue goes great with the black color and adds to the overall uniqueness of the headset.


Performance-wise, I have zero complaints with this headset. The audio comes through crisp and clear. I had a little trouble at first with the audio (it was coming in pretty low)… but then I read the instructions and found that it had a volume control dial on the side of the headset. I turned that bad boy up and was up and running.

After I adjusted the volume, I confirmed that the sound quality of the headset is very good. I was able to hear all of the audio cues in the games that I played.

Vol control



The microphone swivels from one position to another. The ear cup has markings on it that let you know where to position the mic. The red dot indicates the stowage position of the microphone and the black divot indicates the use position.

Adjust the microphone by simply bending it into position. I worry that bending the mic a lot will cause a loss of signal and ultimately failure of the part. Same goes for the swivel portion of the microphone. Moving parts are always the most susceptible to failing quickly so it’s something to keep your eye on when using this product.


For those that are curious, the headset is not soundproof. I’m not sure how much soundproofing would cost but I would imagine it would drive the price to be a lot higher. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it may sway others.


Full disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of headsets (I prefer earbuds) because the headband part was always uncomfortable on my head. It’s one of the reasons I use a microphone setup when I stream or record things.

That being said, I feel like I may have been missing out because this headset is one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn. There is a cushion on the inner portion of the headband to keep the plastic from pressing into the user’s head.

head cushion

The ear cups also have a pretty beefy cushion on them that is squishy and form fitting. They are very comfy at first, but I will say that the ear cups do tend to hurt my ears after lengthy playthroughs (~1 hour in). But, like I said, I’m not used to wearing headsets like this so it could just be me not knowing how to wear it properly.

ear cup

Here’s a weird thing to talk comfort-wise, but I’m not sure where else to mention it. The cord is relatively short for the size of this headset. It works great if you’re plugged into the PS4 controller, which I guess is what they were designed for, but if you’re using this headset on a computer, you may not have enough slack in the cord.

I don’t know if this is a standard size, or maybe my computer setup is just cumbersome, but I tend to not have enough cord length to be able to sit comfortably while playing a game. Granted, a longer cord could lead to a loss in signal, but I’m not asking for several feet of cord length here, just a few more inches.


I like ‘em!


They look great, sound great, feel comfortable, and are really sturdy. I don’t have anything to compare these to, besides the earbuds that came with my phone and older headphones that I would listen to my CD player with, but this is a great headset. (I think I’m showing my age with the CD player comment…)

If you’re looking for a solid headset with a microphone, you can’t go wrong with the LVL50 wired headset.

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