Diablo 4 Character Classes – Our Best Guesses

According to Blizzard, Diablo 4 is going to launch with three classes (Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid) along with two others that have yet to be announced. What are the most likely choices given the history of the Diablo series?

I was hoping the Diablo 4 quarterly update would give us some clues and answer the burning question, when is Diablo 4 coming out? Alas, we didn’t get anything definitive. 

Given my personal experience (frickin’ tons) and the direction the game seems to be taking (more Diablo II than Diablo III), there are the four classes that I think could be joining the game to round out the roster. Since we only have room for 5 around the campfire, a callback to Diablo II, I have divided my list into the most likely and least likely classes to appear at release.

To be clear, I have no more information than anyone else on the matter, but it’s fun to think about what we could see when the game finally does launch. 

The Most Likely Diablo 4 Classes

Who is gonna help with all this killing?

As someone that has been playing Blizzard games, including the Diablo series, for the last 20+ years, I have a few guesses about which classes we’re going to see.

I can’t guarantee anything, of course, but I have two big guesses as to the classes that are going to round out our five-class selection screen and join the others around the fire.


Javzon was so fun

In my opinion, the Amazon class is one of the most likely ones to become a part of the Diablo 4 class roster. As I’ve already said, I think that Diablo 4 is going to try to recapture some of the old Diablo nostalgia, and what better way to bring back these incredible characters?

Assuming they keep it relatively similar to the Diablo 2 model, the Amazon class would be a melee and ranged class that has light armor and attacks from afar with physical-based attacks.

That would provide a little balance in the classes and it would also bring back a series staple. Amazon was a favorite of many people in Diablo 2, and I don’t think people are as attached to the Demon Hunter. 

I think that Blizzard will include Amazon at launch as an attempt to use Diablo II nostalgia to gain support for their new game. Also, the game is without a distanced physical attacker— a role the Amazon could fit well. Finally, the Amazons have a presence in the Diablo lore, and they could seamlessly fit into the fight against Lilith. 


Ya’ll need Anu

The next class that is likely to round out the roster of five is the Paladin or Crusader. I understand that they are different orders from the Zakarum Church but they serve the same role.

They use heavy armor and holy attacks to smash their way through the demonic hordes that have appeared with the rise of Diablo in the last two entries. I have a few reasons to believe that Paladins are going to be included in the cast of characters. 

First off, the world of Diablo 4 seems utterly terrifying, so we’re gonna need some serious holy power to ward off evil. Seriously, though, with the return of Lilith, it only seems right that the Paladins would re-emerge to fight off the renewed demonic invasion. 

From a gameplay standpoint, we have to have a heavily-armored tank character to soak up damage and slowly defeat the enemies. Paladins would fill this role perfectly while bringing back a series staple. 

If you’ve played any previous Blizzard series like Warcraft or Diablo, then you already know how much they love to explore the dichotomy of light and darkness. Blizzard loves Paladins even if they’re re-branded as Crusaders, so I think it’s likely that one or the other will be in this game. 

The Less Likely Diablo 4 Classes

Are we getting the group back together?

Although we have nailed the likely candidates for characters to come back to the game, there is always the potential for a few longshots to emerge, right? Let’s take a quick look at some of the classes that just might make a return and why they would be right as Diablo 4 classes. 


I sense…death in this place.

The Necromancer class makes sense for a few reasons. People love this class as evidenced by its inclusion in Diablo III. Aside from the enjoyment and potential nostalgia, I think this class would make sense because of the dark setting and mood for the game. There are bound to be a lot of bodies lying around, and someone has to make use of them. 

Another reason that Necromancer would make sense is that it is a pet utility class and there’s nothing really like it in the game. The Druid has some companions, but they’re nothing like a horde of skeletons rampaging at your command. 

I think the only thing holding back this class is that it’s another mage class, and that would make it at least three casters out of five available slots. We’ll see, though. 


See, Jon Snow? He pets his wolf!

Lastly, I think it is possible the Assassin class will make an appearance. I think it is equally likely as the Necromancer or even has a slight edge. 

After all, the game needs melee characters, right? Druid is a hybrid. Sorceress is a pure caster. Barbarian is a pure damage powerhouse. I think Assassin would provide more melee balance as a glass cannon stealth class that some people would enjoy. 

The Assassin class doesn’t have the lore implications of the other classes. It has some mild nostalgia attached to it, though. Since Blizzard is trying to bring back that feeling of Diablo 2, then it might sneak the Assassin into the lineup. 

Will There Be a New Diablo 4 Class?

The stuff of nightmares

I have asked some of my Diablo-loving friends this question, and I think we’ve all come to the consensus that it seems somewhat likely that Diablo 4 classes will include a new face. The company really seems to be trying to recapture the magic of the older games. 

However, it would be a bad look if they didn’t try to bring in a fresh class. That doesn’t mean that Blizzard can be trusted to include a good, fresh class. We might have a Diablo: Hellfire monk situation on our hands. 

Whatever happens, I would like to see a new class, maybe something like the Death Knights or Priest class from World of Warcraft. 

When Is Diablo 4 Coming Out?

It’s gonna be a while, I bet.

We still do not have a launch date for Diablo 4. As of writing this article, there have been no Diablo 4 beta announcements, either. 

I am thinking that Blizzard will have to announce the characters they plan to release at launch before they do a beta. All I know is that I will be ready to write all about it when we find out what classes are coming to the game. 

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