Top 10 Expensive SNES Games I Used to Own

You ever own a game in your youth but you sold it to buy something else? I sure did. I had roughly 100 SNES games and I sold them all for PS1 and PS2 games. Back then, I got decent prices for some of my games but nothing compared to what they’re worth today.

Here’s an example of what I mean: I bought a new copy of Earthbound for $4 when the SNES was ramping down and the N64 was the hottest new console from Nintendo. I sold Earthbound and got $30 for at Funco Land. That’s a pretty good profit, but we all know what happened to that game. I ended up buying another copy for $220…ugh.

I saw a post on Twitter recently about a game I used to own and saw that it now costs a small fortune on eBay. It got me thinking. I’m trying to repurchase all of the games that I sold back in the day… How much is that really going to cost me? With that being said, here’s my list of 10 SNES games that I used to own that now cost a lot of money.

Note: I’m basing all of these prices on 2 factors: the current price from Price and what’s currently listed on eBay. There are some price discrepancies between the 2 so I will provide a range for each entry. It’s not an exact science I guess.

#10: Kirby Super Star

This compilation of games features 8 games and 2 mini-games. It’s the perfect game for Kirby fans and casual gamers alike. I did my best when I was younger to unlock everything I possibly could because it was so fun. It’s even a game that 2 players can enjoy. It is a fan favorite that even got a remake on the Nintendo DS. The SNES copy goes for $45 -$50 for a loose copy and ~$111 for a complete copy.

#9: Final Fantasy 2

I bought FF2 after I had 3, but long before the SNES was discontinued. It’s on my list of games to try to grab this year but in order to do that I’m going to need to drop anywhere between $40 – $75 for a loose copy and $154 – $170 for a complete copy. The final fantasy games were always a bit on the expensive side, so it’s no surprise to see that this one is climbing up there with Final Fantasy 3.

#8: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time

Turtles in Time is a fantastic beat ’em up. I used to play this game all the time when I was younger and, honestly, it is my favorite version of the game. TMNT 4 is a well made game and it still holds up today. Its also a beloved class that fans of either of the turtles arcade games seek out. It should be no surprise then that its price on the market is currently: $52.66 – $65 for a loose copy and $222 – $250 for a complete copy.

#7: Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire 2 is another fantastic RPG. This is the last breath of fire game that was released for the SNES it also has a great story and interesting characters. The extra content is kind of lacking, but it’s still a fantastic game. Breath of Fire 2 currently goes for $62 – $90 for a loose copy and $158 – $190 for a complete copy.

#6: Super Mario RPG

I’m still kicking myself for selling Super Mario RPG. This is one of my favorite RPGs for the SNES. It combines the Mushroom kingdom with the combat style of Final Fantasy. For RPG lovers, what isn’t the like? It has great characters a fun story and tons of unlockables/extra content. It currently goes for $70 – $80 for a loose cart and $217 – $299 for a complete copy.

#5: Kirby’s Dream Land 3

This game came out very late in the SNES’s life… in fact, it was the last game to be released for the SNES in North America. It introduces Gooey as well as some new powers. Since this was released late in the SNES’s life, it makes sense that the price is higher than other games in the SNES library… even though this one isn’t the highest on the list. The price is probably lower because it was a first party game and a lot of copies were made. The game goes for ~$130 for a loose copy and $250 – $330 for a complete copy.

#4: Mega Man X2

This one actually irritates me a bit. When I was younger, this was my favorite game in the X series. Mostly because it was the only game I could beat. Nowadays my favorite is Mega Man X1. Mega Man X2’s price skyrocketed from $20ish to ~$134 for a loose cart and $200-250 for a complete copy… Hence why I’m irritated. I should have purchased this back when it was a lower price.

#3: Chrono Trigger

I don’t think I need to explain why Chrono Trigger is on this list. It is damn near perfect in terms of SNES JRPGs. Prices for this game were always on the high side, but prices have seen an increase in the past year. Chrono Trigger is now $175 for a loose cart and $400 – $550 for a complete copy.

#2: Swat Kats

This one actually confuses me a bit. I loved the Swat Kats show when I was a kid and from what I remember the game was pretty fun as well, albeit hard. My only guess on this one is that it was released in 1995, so near the end of the SNES’s run. Depending on where you look the price ranges from $40 (Price Charting) to $200+ (eBay) for a loose copy and $375 for a complete copy. Again, not entirely sure what caused the price on this particular game to spike, but here we are.

#1: Mega Man X3

Now this a little easier to determine why this games price is high. Mega Man X3 was released late into the SNES’s life and, in addition, Capcom gave America and Europe a very limited release. With that being said, the price of a loose copy of X3 will run you about $250-$280 and a complete copy will run you $300-$600.

So needless to say, I’m kicking myself more and more lately for selling my games when I was younger. But, who knew? I’m still going to try to get most of these back into my collection but I doubt I will get the more expensive ones.

What are some games you used to own that now cost a lot? Let me know down in the comments so we can be miserable together and as always thank you for watching.

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  2. Crump’s Brother Avatar
    Crump’s Brother

    I actually sold two sealed Pokemon gba games about 2 years ago. I sold the pair for around 500. They’re selling for around 3 grand each now. I actually remember buying them at a local Kmart. The lady was marking them down for clearance. I paid 3.50 each for those. There were at least 10 of each game in the case. But I had just gotten married and couldn’t spare the 80-100 bucks to buy them. Could kick the shit out of myself for selling the two I had and for not buying all Kmart had that day.

    1. I feel your pain. I sold all of my pokemon games a long time ago and haven’t really bothered getting them back because they’re too much.

  3. I am also feeling the ooof of Why didn’t I keep that game?? For me it is a actually a lot on your list as well, so I share your hurt! Also, Biker Mice from Mars racing game, now hard to find.

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