How to Connect Nintendo Switch to a TV

Game lovers worldwide always wait for innovations the companies come up with to enhance their gaming experience. Be it Playstation or Nintendo, gamers always rejoice with the better devices and technologies. One such switch was the “Nintendo Switch” that can help to bring your game consoles to your TV, much like PS5.

The Switch helps you enjoy your game a little extra as it is a handheld console that can be cast to your TV consoles within seconds. This hybrid consoles will transform your experience as it can be used in handheld mode where the Joy-cons are attached to the side of the Switch’s display. Or you can connect the console to your TV and enjoy your game on the big screen.

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Nintendo Switch has a built-in 6.2-inch screen, with 720p gaming and 1080p output. So if you are still using the handheld consoles, there is a whole ‘nother world of gaming you can explore with the Switch.

You might wonder enough about this amazing innovation and its specifications, but how can one connect this to the TV. Don’t worry! Here is a step-by-step process that will help you connect your Nintendo Switch to your Television.

  1. Gather all that you need for this process
    The first step is to find the dock that comes with these Switch Consoles. And this is the most vital step, too, as we can’t do this process without it. So if, in any case, you have misplaced or lost the dock, try and order it online. So get your dock and Switch
    console ready.
  2. Open the back cover of the dock
    Once you have the dock handy, open its back cover swiftly. Opening it, you will come across three options: AC adapter, USB and HDMI out.
  3. Connect the wires
    Connect the USB plug from the adapter to the top of the terminal, AC adapter and then connect the other end of the adapter to the wall outlet. Similarly, connect the HDMI cable to the “HDMI Out” on the dock while connecting the other end to the
    HDMI port on the Television.
  4. Remove your joy-con controllers from the consolers
    After connecting the Switch adapter, dock and the TV, remove the left and right joy-con controllers from the console before sliding it into the dock. You can remove it from the sides by gently lifting them from the console with the help of a small button on each controller’s back.
  5. Position the console in the dock
    After taking out the controllers, position the console such that the LCD screen is in the same direction as the front panel on the dock. And then insert your switch console in the dock. Once the console is docked, the LCD will shut off.
  6. Power on your TV
    After the console is docked, select the correct HDMI output and switch on your TV to enjoy the docked mode. Next, hit the home button on your Switch controller to activate the TV display and start playing your favourite Mario Kart on a big screen.

If you are having trouble connecting the dock to the TV, make sure that the cables are put properly and there are no loose connections. If the wires and input ports are not connected to the docks correctly, they might still function as handheld controllers. So make sure to check on this once you are done with all the steps. You can also go to the Switch menu settings to activate or switch off the display.

Concluding Remarks

Connecting the Nintendo Switch is relatively easy and a seamless process. Just remember to remove the Joy-con controllers and connect the cables correctly to make a great switch. So now you can bid goodbye to the same-old boring style of the handheld controllers and enjoy your game without those messy long cables. So grab your favourite snack and start playing your favourite Nintendo games

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