GameX: New Word in the Gaming Industry

The gaming sector has experienced significant growth over the years. Initially, players had to visit a physical casino to enjoy their favorite games. However, the advent of the internet transformed the gaming industry making it more accessible globally. Moreover, the development has also led to the emergence of top-rated casinos like Spin Casino Online that offers a wide range of online casino games. The emergence of these online casinos has created a massive community of gamers around the world. 

As a result, gamers have become an essential part of the gaming ecosystem. Recently, the gamers launched GameX, which is a global community project. The gamers founded this gaming community to help improve the gaming industry. 

The community aims to offer top-quality gaming-related products. Additionally, it aspires to become one of the most significant gaming stores worldwide that offer players gaming gear and top games. 

GameX is also working on developing a gaming academy that offers everyone an opportunity to be exposed to the eSport industry. It will do this by coming up with the first GameX team that cuts across various eSports games. 

Merging Gaming and Cryptocurrency

The launch of GameX also plays a significant role in the merger between the gaming world and cryptocurrency. This happens through the implementation of in-game NFT. As a result, various games are developed based on the community’s input as it plays a crucial role in the GameX policy. 

NFT and art form an excellent partnership. Therefore, GameX art is the platform where art lovers can immerse themselves in abstract and creative collections of exceptional masterpieces. These works of art are designed by the best artists globally. 

It Was Challenging To Take Off

Lack of resources made the process of launching GameX more challenging. However, the team announced that they had restructured and were working hard to achieve its goals. GameX acknowledges that it is still a small project, but they are optimistic that it will continually grow. Reports from GameX state that they started with a market capitalization of 10000 USD but had grown to 1000000 USD. 

GameX also claims that the new team is outstanding, but the Lebanese crisis is slowing its progress. This is because most members of the team are based in Lebanon. The community doxxed the whole team on the website as it believes in transparency. 

Future Prospects

GameX claims that its next target is to grow its market capitalization to 10000000 USD. It also aspires to expand its holders to around 13 thousand by the end of 2022. GameX is prominent in areas such as Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Lebanon, India, and the Arab region. 

The community also aims to implement cross-chain to other blockchains to enhance its games and NFT projects. Additionally, it is also developing GameX Swap, a decentralized exchange that will come with NFTs, farms, lottery, and pools. It is also planning to use 20% of its NTF sales in children’s cancer treatment. 

GameX is also banking on Bitcoin becoming a legal tender in Lebanon because people no longer trust banks. Moreover, the community hopes to help the Lebanese people to have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.  

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