Endgame Accessories – RGB Gaming Mouse Mat with 13 Lighting Modes

I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute sucker for LEDs in my gaming space. Between my obsession with neon-retro designs and my refusal to use the main overhead lights in my room, lighted accessories is basically mandatory.

My current setup is solid-white everything with soft purple or blue LEDs throughout. LED strips behind my plasma TV, lighting my NES shelf, pulsing in my glass-sided PC, my mechanical keyboard, mouse and…finally…my new giant mouse mat, courtesy of the kind folks at Endgame Accessories!

I’ve seen these mats online before, but never gave much thought to how they might work, how the light strip might be attached, and all that stuff. So it was cool to finally have one in my hands.

The LED mouse mat arrived rolled up and rubber banded in a box with a 6-foot micro USB cable to power it.

The 6-foot cable is great, by the way. Too many accessories come with short cables that require some weird positioning or replacement cables. Six feet is long enough to plug into my PC even though it’s on my side opposite the mat’s USB plug.

The mat itself is big enough to fit my keyboard and mouse at 90 cm x 40 cm. It’s also available in 30×70, 30×80 and a smaller mouse-only version at 25×30 cm. The top is some kind of soft, waterproof fabric (whatever mousepads are usually made from, I suppose), and the bottom is non-slip rubber.

Fresh from the box, the mat definitely smells like rubber (as most mousepads will). It won’t overpower the room or anything, but your hands will definitely smell like a mousepad at first. The smell started to fade after a couple of days.

The LED border is a flexible tube. It feels like solid plastic, and you can squish it. The places where you squish it glow brighter until you let go. It’s actually fun to play around with, and feels really durable, even when I’m squishing the crap out of it! 

The LED tube is attached to the edges of the mat by a kind of thread that has the consistency of fishing line. It’s a bit scratchy. But after a bit of digging, it looks like this stuff is what most companies use in their LED mousepad builds. I’m guessing the sturdiness of the line justifies the scratchiness of the material. 

And honestly, that scratchy material is my only complaint about this mat.  if your desk is too high like mine (carpal tunnel here I come), you’ll probably find yourself forced to rest your wrists right on the plastic tube/fishing line border. After an extended session, I often come away with that fishing-line stitching pattern embedded into my wrists.

If your desktop is appropriately high (lower than your elbows), you should be alright because the mat offers plenty of space for your wrist and mouse movement range. Or you could just wear long sleeves, I guess.

Anyway, the LED tube itself is not sewn into the mat. Rather, the stitches from the mat loop around the tube, holding it in place. The stitches are tight and close together. There must be thousands of them and the result is that the tube is well-secured, tight against the mat’s edges, and feels very sturdy.

Along the top of the mat, near the left edge, a small rectangle houses the ends of the LED tube, the USB port, and a single small button that allows you to adjust the display options. 

You can change the color, or set it to breathe, pulse, or shift in one of its 13 different lighting modes. All the dynamic display options look really cool and it’s fun to try different ones. Of course, my favorite is the good ol’ solid purple to match the rest of my room.

I’ve only had this thing for a few weeks, so it’s hard to give a real reliable report on sturdiness, but so far it looks and feels really well made and I expect it could last indefinitely. And being waterproof, even my constant onslaught of coffee dribbles shouldn’t harm it.

To me, it’s worth the occasional fishing-line indentations on my wrists to have a single waterproof, easy-to-clean, high-quality mouse mat that looks awesome and matches my decor. 

And hey! I know firsthand how incredibly tough it can be to get a foothold in any aspect of the gaming industry. So I’m really glad to be able to check out some stuff from Endgame Accessories. They’re a small company with a surprising variety of products for streaming, gaming, and otherwise equipping your gaming room.

Endgame Accessories – Support small businesses

Just like you support indie game developers and help them provide us with unique games that don’t cost crazy AAA prices, it’s worth helping support independent online stores that offer cool stuff you might never have known you need!

Thanks for reading and look for more product reviews in the future.

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