The Best Card-Based Video Games

Card games are some of the most popular types of analog games that have withstood the test of time. Whether you like a single-player experience, a one-on-one contest, or a group activity, these games are a great choice as they feature a blend of luck and strategy. The players never know which card they’re likely to draw, leaving a lot of the gameplay to chance.

So, which are the best card-based games that you can play today? Let’s take a look.


Launched in 2018, Gwent is a popular card-based video game that draws its inspiration from the Witcher franchise. This deck-building game allows players to use strategies from various factions, with the main goal being to win two out of three rounds before your opponent does it.

Although Gwent is featured in several Witcher novels and within The Witcher 3, this standalone video game offers additional depth and development to the experience.

Poker Night 2

For casino players looking to have fun, playing poker and online blackjack for Australian players will deliver the experience you’re looking for. This casino gaming experience is also well replicated in Poker Night 2, a poker simulator video game with exciting visuals and dialogue.

Instead of focusing on the game, Poker Night 2 allows you to join matches against popular characters from different franchises like Claptrap of Borderlands. The game’s excellent dialogues between the characters are packed with references that fans of different series will love.  

Slay the Spire

Designed as a single-player RPG game, Slay the Spire is an exciting video game that features a card-based battle system. Players can choose between one of the three available characters, each with a unique character.

As you progress through the game’s dungeon (Spire), you’ll be able to unlock new cards to add to your deck. Since the game features lots of branching paths that might unlock different cards, the game features a great degree of replay value and you can experiment with different card synergies.


Created in 2016, this free-to-pay digital adaptation of the popular game Yu-Gi-Oh features several characters from different anime series in the franchise. Players are allowed to unlock different playable characters, giving you access to various decks in the process. Additionally, players can make their deck of cards to play against AI and other gamers.


Hearthstone is among the most popular card-based video game of all time. This competitive one-on-one video game gives players access to a wealth of resources as they enjoy the gameplay, together with powerful cards.

Unlike most card trading titles, Hearthstone was exclusively designed as a video game instead of being an adaptation of a popular physical game. Hearthstone uses that to its advantage, using randomization mechanics in a way that would be virtually impossible with physical cards.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is another great and ever-growing video game that features excellent tutorials and different ways of unlocking new cards and decks. There’s a massive pool of cards that are constantly growing and the game supports multiple distinct formats from Standard and historic to Brawl and Draft. That allows you to play this video game how you want.

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