DOOM Eternal release delayed

Today ID Software and issued a press statement informing fans that the release of the next, highly-anticipated installment in the DOOM series, DOOM Eternal, has been delayed.

The new release date for DOOM Eternal is 04/20/2020.

The statement came today and was met with varying degrees of backlash. As with any fandom, people were either supportive, pissed, or just silent. It’s gotta be tough releasing such an important game. If it’s delayed, fans are pissed. If it’s rushed, fans are pissed.

Personally, I really prefer when a company takes their time and releases the game when it’s done. And of course it’s hard to guess exactly how long production will take, especially with a major release like DOOM Eternal. So chill out!

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to take this off my list of Most Wanted Switch Games for 2019. But there are still plenty of others. Check it out!

The statement from ID released earlier today

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