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An honest “The Town With No Name” review for those of you who already saw that other review…

A classic for the ages. And for all ages. For all ages of all the ages!

The Story

Think any western movie, mixed with a dash of comedy and produced in MS Paint. That’s The Town With No Name. I’m not big into western movies, but I feel this game hits all the tropes of one. A drifter arrives at the titular town, he immediately gets into a fight with the local gang leader’s (Evil Eb) younger brother, kills him (via gun or bird depending on where you click), and then you spend your time finishing off the rest of Evil Eb’s gang. 

Complete playthrough. Prepare to be amazed.

Delta 4 was the company that dreamt this game up, (a.k.a. a fever dream). The game was released on the CDTV, but can be played the Amiga 32. It was also released on DOS so it works with DOSBOX.  You can find the game on the myabandonware website. It takes a little know-how to get it to run, but it’s worth it.


Town with no name still
Boy, is my face red!

The gameplay is nothing special. It’s pointing and clicking, and sometimes you don’t even need to click the bad guys to finish them off (just around them). The Town With no Name is very forgiving, but you still need to be on your toes.

The soundtrack is a total letdown. Most of the time it sounds like someone slamming random keys on a keyboard. Other times it’s tolerable. Where this game shines though is in its humor. You could tell the creators had a lot of fun with this game with some of the dialogue and scenes in the game. The game has many memorable scenes (too many to post here).  You’ll have to play it to see them all yourself.

That’s a big miss. And a big mess, too.

In between fight scenes, you have a choice to select from various places to visit and interact with. Most don’t have anything special to offer after the first visit, with the exception of the town office and saloon.

The town office has funny newspaper articles that add to the plot and change daily.  The saloon is integral to the plot as one of the gun fights takes place in there. Otherwise, you never really need to go inside. 

The other areas don’t add anything to the overall story. Some locations can even lead to instant death traps. For instance, the man with the cigarette in the blacksmith building will take your head off if you try to pull a gun on him (literally). 

Um… ouch?

You can also view the rogue’s gallery at the jailhouse. Each of the pictures feature cameos from the game producers, developers, etc. There is also a store that features a once-in-a-lifetime deal where the character may purchase 1 baked bean. The game states that there are 425 to collect but this is one of the creator’s jokes.

The game can be completed in under an hour and even has 2 endings. The 2nd ending is a little out there, but I consider it to be the canonical ending.  SPOILERS–The Man With No Name takes a train to outer space.

All-in-all, it’s a short enough game that it doesn’t wear out its welcome and the humor adds to the overall enjoyment of the title. The graphics are also pretty funny given it looks like it was made in MS Paint. 

I give this game 3 towns out of 5\

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