How to Install the Town with No Name (DOSBOX)

Alright everyone, I got a request from a few people to let them know where to a) find the DOS version of The Town With No Name and b) what I did to get it to work properly. I mentioned in my Town With No Name Review and Psycho Killer reviews (shameless plug) that these 2 games from Delta 4 take a bit of knowhow to get them to work. And, to be completely honest, I didn’t 100% remember how to get the games running until I re-downloaded the file from myAbandonware. So, for those of you that are interested in trying these games out for yourself, here is my method for getting The Town With No Name (and to a lesser extent, Psycho Killer) to work in DOSBOX.

Step 1:

Download the zip file from the myAbandonware website. Here is a link to the webpage. I’ve never had any issues with the files on the website, but it’s always a good idea to run an anti-malware scan on the downloaded files. Either way, unzip the files and move the folder to your desktop, or wherever you’d like.



Step 2:

Here’s how the folder is set up.

Let’s head over to the DOSBOX folder. If you double-click the dosbox.conf file you will open up a notepad file with the game’s configuration. The first few lines in the configuration file (the ones that have a pound sign in front of them) are just definitions. The next several lines describe the DOSBOX settings. I changed my fullscreen and autolock, but it isn’t necessary.

Step 3:

Scroll all the way to the bottom to the [autoexec] section. Here’s how the file is initially set up:

We’re going to have to change a few things here. First, the mount C needs some additional details after command. I added C:\Users\Username\Desktop\twnoname so I wouldn’t have to enter it every time when starting DOSBOX.

Next, scroll down to the imgmount. Again, we’ll need to add similar details with this line. Add the location path to the cd folder, for example C:\Users\Username\Desktop\twnoname\cd\Town with no name.img” You can leace the -t cdrom.

I also like to add cd twnoname\twnoname to start the directory in the correct folder so I can just type in the command to start the game.

It should also be said that “Username” will need to be changed to whatever username your use on your PC.

Lets pause here to talk about something we will need to address.

Step 4:

Okay, here’s the good news, we’re mostly set up to start playing the game. Now, for the bad news. If you start DOSBOX you’ll soon discover that the character’s voices are missing. This is because the myAbandonware files is missing the cue sheet and bin file. The cue sheet file is a special textfile that works like a tracklist. It is supposed to represent a CD-ROM and define which tracks are on the CD-ROM, the order they’re in, the format, and filename of the bin file for each track.

Not sure why the game was uploaded to the myAbandonware site without these files, but here we are. You can convert the image file into a bin/cue… however, this won’t solve our issue (the image file is missing some of the cues). That being said, don’t lose hope. The internet archive has the bin and cue files we need in order to get the game running. Once you have the new cue and bin files, place them into the cd folder.

Step 5:

Go back to the config file and edit the imgmount line to match the filename of the cue file C:\Users\Username\Desktop\twnoname\cd\Town_with_no_name.cue.

imgmount d “C:\Users\Username\Desktop\DOSGAMES\twnoname\cd\Town_with_no_name.cue” -t cdrom

Save the notepad file and close it out.

Here’s what my autoexec section looks like:

Step 6:

Next, go to the DOSBOX folder provided in the download and open it. Double-Click DOSBOX, enter “Town,” and press enter. As the game says at the end of tutorial “Now you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to play the town with no name.”

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