Bringing Back the Classics Without a Console

How do you revive a gaming classic without a retro console? For example, if you wanted to recapture the two-dimensional charm of Pong but you don’t have an Atari, could you do it? What about Space Invaders or Street Fighter II without a Super Nintendo?

Bringing back the classics in their original form isn’t always easy if you don’t have the necessary hardware and software. Yes, some emulators allow you to recreate video gaming classics on your PC. However, it’s never quite the same. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t try. In fact, when you look at the technology available today, you’ll see that bringing back an old-school hit is easier than you think.

Raise the Dead

Let’s say you want to shoot some zombies as you did back in the day. We all know that Sega’s The House of the Dead was hot when it first came out in 1996. Now, with the right kick, you can literally raise the dead. Anyone with an old PlayStation can use the Move controller to play this game at home.

For a slightly more authentic experience, you can buy The House of the Dead arcade machines. Many companies will now sell you the actual arcade machine for a price. However, expect to pay a handsome sum of money and, more importantly, be prepared to make room for it because it’s a huge unit.

If you don’t have space for an old arcade machine or you’ve ditched the PlayStation 1, never fear. Through the power of porting and modern technology, The House of the Dead was reconstituted for Nintendo Switch.

As noted by our team of experts at Ghetto Gamer, the remake was scheduled to go live in 2020 but hasn’t yet released. The move made sense given that versions of the game were released on the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Now, thanks to the versatility of the Switch, you can enjoy The House of the Dead in three unique ways. Is it as good as owning an arcade machine? Possible not. However, it’s a simple, affordable and interactive way to relive the light-gun genre and take on the undead.

Think Outside the Box

What about if you were to think outside of the box? Well, if you did, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Just as video game developers have a penchant for bringing back the classics, so too do casino game companies. Even though they operate on slightly different ends of the gaming spectrum, video game and casino companies often overlap. You can see that if you scroll through the online slots database at VegasSlotsOnline. Among the 10,000+ games and accompanying reviews, you’ll find some arcade classics. From Space Invaders to Street Fighter II, there are slots for all budgets and playing preferences.

As a testament to the popularity of these games, you’ll also notice that the database contains more than 1,200 casino sites. That’s a lot of places to play and it means you can spin under various conditions. Whether you decide to use your desktop or mobile, collect deposit bonuses or shoot for free spins, the choices are endless. Of course, something like the Street Fighter II slot game isn’t going to be an exact replica of the arcade classic. However, it does capture the game’s spirit. All the characters are present, and each spin has the potential to inflict damage on an opponent. So, while you might not be directing every punch and kick, it’s still fun.

A Virtual Way to Have Some Real Fun

The final way to bring back a classic without the original console is virtual reality (VR). The truth is that VR is probably going to consume the entire industry in the coming decades, so it’s hardly surprising that retro hits are already being transformed into VR wonders. As well as VR arcades popping up in London and beyond, Digital Cybercherries has created New Retro Arcade Neon. The game allows you to explore an arcade using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

From bowling and air hockey to dozens of arcade machines, the virtual world makes you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. This technology is only going to get better and that’s an exciting prospect. So, the next time you think the classics are confined to history, think again because there are plenty of ways to have some fun without a retro console.

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