Rail shooters for Nintendo Switch hopefully - House of the Dead

Coming Soon: Rail Shooters for Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is nothing if not versatile. Sure, it might lack the processing power of its competitors, but the system’s unique, modular design gives it plenty of options for developers to take advantage of. Just look at Nintendo Labo! Not saying it was the groundbreaking awesomeness Nintendo wanted it to be, but you’ve never seen anything else like it. Or at least, I haven’t. Think of it as a proof-of-concept that, yes indeed, you can play different games with different input devices. So the next obvious step has to be rail shooters for Nintendo Switch, right?

Nintendo Labo projects
Nintendo Labo has a bunch of stuff. See?

Well, yes. Maybe. Hopefully.

Take this short opinion for what it is: unsubstantiated rumors that House of Dead 1 and 2 remakes could be headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Rail shooters for Nintendo Switch hopefully - House of the Dead

Today Jefftendo (@Jeffman1490) shared a tweet with me announcing that House of Dead remakes have indeed been announced by Sega. But we don’t yet know what consoles they are intended for. However, the developer for this project is Forever Entertainment, the same Polish developers responsible for the upcoming Panzer Dragoon ports that are bound for the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year.

So given the developer’s current work, plus the console’s versatility, it seems like a fair conclusion that we will soon see House of the Dead, along with a gang of new rail shooters, for Nintendo Switch. One assumes, a light-gun peripheral as well. 

But then again, Sega and Apple have been in cahoots here just lately. And if there’s one thing Apple wants to do, it’s ruin gaming for everyone else. And also make money. And if Apple smells gaming bucks in the House of the Dead franchise, they won’t hesitate to put a death-grip (pun?) on the games and not only prevent other platforms from porting the series, but also let it die when Apple Arcade falls into obscurity.

Sonic Racing - Apple Arcade
Sonic is racing to Apple Arcade. See what I did there?

So, but like, what if…

I can’t say I have any real attachment to the House of the Dead series. It’s fun. Lots of fun, really. But it is very far from being the greatest rail shooter in the world (Time Crisis anyone?) So even if we don’t get a House of the Dead rail shooter for Nintendo Switch, maybe developers will get into the rail-shooting spirit and start delivering some titles–and some light-gun style peripherals–for this woefully underserved genre.

Here’s hoping for a nifty Nintendo Switch light gun soon.


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