Massively Underrated Pokémon Types

My criteria for this list is fairly flexible, as I’m not focusing solely on strength of types. It will play a part in the choices, but strength output and defensive stats are not the only factors—there’s also the impact of design, and overall impact on the world

For instance: Electric Pokémon are relatively high on a tier list of most effective types, but their placement on an overall list would ultimately be bolstered by the existence of Pikachu—perhaps the single most popular Pokémon of all time. 

So, yeah. Effect, popularity, design—every aspect was taken into account when I concocted this list. So, let’s get to it.

6. Grass Types

As a sort of an honorable mention for this list, grass types catch a lot of flak—and, for the most part, it’s fairly uncalled for. 

Easily the most underappreciated of the three starting types, grass Pokémon can trace their roots back to the very first entry of the Pokedex: Bulbasaur, who I think is rather underrated himself. 

Now, I will say: grass is an incredibly weak category in terms of overall effect. However, they have some truly well-designed Pokémon and some of the most powerful special effects of all time. It still does lose significance when compared to the likes of fire and water, sure, but grass will always be the original. 

5. Ice Types

I would identify Ice as the laughingstock of the community. Defensively speaking, its stats are atrocious. There’s no denying it. But: ice Pokémon can pack a mean punch, they’re mostly well-designed, and they’ve been competitive staples for years now thanks to the likes of Mamoswine and Walrein. 

The ice type Pokémon that work well in battle work really well. The only thing that truly holds these creatures back, in my eyes, is the evolution cycle of ice cream cones that materialized with the franchise’s fifth generation. Those Pokémon are dumb, and I cannot be convinced otherwise.  

4. Bug Types

Fun fact: the creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, spawned the idea for a monster-catching RPG due to his childhood hobby of insect collecting. Does that make Bug the undisclosed greatest type of all time? No – but it’s still a fun fact. 

They’re typically slow, sure, and they may have the lowest total base stats for fully evolved Pokémon, but come on: some of the coolest monsters in the entire world come in the form of bug types.

Scizor, Pinsir, Volcarona and Vikavolt are some of the most aesthetically pleasing Pokémon ever created, and while none of them are particularly prevalent within the games themselves, Bug types ultimately catch more heat than they deserve. 

3. Normal Types

Probably most notable in the lore for its paucity of effectiveness against other types, some of the strongest and most iconic Pokémon of all time fall under this category. 

Meowth, Jigglypuff and Snorlax—particularly in the beloved anime—are some of the most memorable monsters in the series, with tangible personalities and unforgettable moments. They sort of pale in comparison when it comes to the games, though Blissey—the evolved form of Chansey—has the highest base HP stat across the entire Pokedex. 

Plus, the majority of normal types have ridiculously diverse move pools. I mean, does it make any sense that Lickitung and Wigglytuff can learn both Fire Blast and Solar Beam? No, it doesn’t—but we’re all here for it. 

None of that particularly bolsters their overall effectiveness—what does, though, is the immunity to ghost types, and only one weakness in total: fighting. In the end, some of the most iconic Pokémon of all time are normal types, and a majority of them are absolute tanks. Put some respect on their name.   

2. Poison Types

Everyone has stocked up on their fair share of antidotes throughout their gaming life, and these Pokémon are to blame for it. From the hordes of Zubats found in Mt. Moon to the awesome designs of Nidoqueen and Nidoking, poison type Pokémon were perhaps most prevalent in the earlier games. I mean, they encompass nearly twenty percent of the entire first generation Pokedex. 

Sure, a lot of those are dual types, but they’re super iconic and ultimately powerful creatures nonetheless. And the thing about poison types is that the individual designs of the Pokémon themselves arguably improve as the games progress. 

The highlight of this typing comes with the ability to literally poison the opponents. Moves like toxic can be essential in many combat scenarios, and while they don’t have many powerful attacks to follow up with, devastating combinations are aplenty. 

1. Ground Types 

Never really frowned upon but never truly admired, there’s a reason Team Rocket boss Giovani chose to home in on ground type Pokémon to lead his team of bad guys. They’re immune to electricity, they have weather advantages in the desert, and let’s be honest: Earthquake is one of the best attacks that the games have to offer. 

Oftentimes intimidating—looking at you, Rhydon—and other times, a bit goofy looking—Dugtrio, you know it’s true—ground type Pokémon are some of the most well-designed and powerful creatures the series has to offer. 

Marowak, Donphan, Sandlash—these are just a few of the examples of particular Pokémon that makes ground one of the most voguish types, just from a standpoint of design and creativity. 

Statistically speaking, it has a prevalent presence on the physical side of the coin, and they make for terrific dual types—particularly when paired with water. All in all though, they’re mostly underrated because, well, they’re just really cool. What say you?

Agree with our Picks?

These are the six most overlooked typing in the Pokémon franchise. Our opinions will probably differ—I could have easily included the likes of fighting or flying, but ultimately, this is where I landed. 

Let me know in the comments what you think, and be sure to let us know your picks for the most underrated types in the Pokémon games! 

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